2014 Mercedes S-Class Assistance Systems: My thoughts

Road safety and reduction of road accident fatalities are car manufacturers top priority and that's very understandable.  Endless amounts of time and money have been put to good cause of constantly improving and perfecting numerous safety features.   While some, such as ESC, ABS, and traction control are very welcome and indeed help the driver, it is the use of radars that makes me wonder not just about driver's role in controlling the car, but also whether these systems are indeed hazardous and can end up doing more harm than good.

Sounding a warning is one thing, but taking control away from driver so he doesn't go over lane markings is a bit overzealous. I can think of multiple situations where this can prove fatal.  Can you imagine driving in poor conditions, and seeing a cat trying to cross the road, you try to wheer to the right, only for car to tell you to stay in your lane, and well, a bit unfortunate for the cat.... I remember having to fight the brake assist on Fuga Hybrid as it was applying too much pressure in stop and go traffic causing the ride to be extremely jerky.  I see beyond the car in front of me and anticipate its movements. Can a radar do that? My final concern here is a feature preventing overtaking on the right. That's absolutely ridiculous, unless there is a feature on all cars that prevents them from driving slowly in the left lane.

What does everyone else think? Would you want your car to take control in critical situations? Or do you think the car is at risk of underestimating your driving skill?

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