Driven: 2014 Mercedes Benz E250 Avantgarde

Back in mid-May I had the opportunity to get close and personal with the new E class as it was unveiled for the Japanese market.  I was very impressed how its revised styling was a step into a different direction from the angular and somewhat aggressive predecessor.  Even though it was considered as "facelift" it did seem like a whole new car.
Unlike the high end model in my last report, here we will take a look at pretty much base model E class, which Mercedes Benz Japan thinks will sell the most.  

Being the popular Avantgarde edition this model has the sport bumpers, stiffer suspension and very impressive twin spoke wheels wrapped around in 245/40R18 front and 265/35R18 rear Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tires, which are more known for their grip and sports characteristics rather than comfort.  Pretty impressive for a family sedan. 

As with any Mercedes, the interior quality is outstanding.  Even the base model felt classy with top quality materials being put together with highest standards.  Sound isolation in the cabin was superb, as a matter of fact I even considered it too quiet, with engine barely being heard below 3000 rpm and down shifts muffled, but yet extremely smooth.

This model's interior is somewhat simple compared to the last month's display E550. Exclusive leather seats from the comfort packaged are replaced with base fabric/leather combo, which was still very comfortable.  This model came with basic stereo and Command System Navigation and infotainment, which is standard.

The E250 model line is powered by the turbocharged sophisticated 2L inline four engine, that produces 211PS at 5500RPM and impressive 350Nm within 1200 to 4000 RPM range.

This is the same engine as Mercedes Benz is using in very nimble and agile A250 Sport, but unlike the little brother the E class is more subtle and refined. 

Unfortunately all that torque does not throw the 1.8 ton sedan forward, (there is an AMG model for that purpose) but for its size capacity this engine still provides enough acceleration  to make driver experience confidence and joy.
A lap around Tokyo busy streets revealed only a small but yet very important part of this vehicle: it's very comfortable, sporty, but yet easy to drive and a pleasure to own. 

Cost of ownership
2L mean small engine tax and eco tax discount at acquisition.  Maintenance cost would be minimal as this is classic robust Mercedes. The most expensive part are the tires, but don't expect to replace them any time soon as it will take a lot more than 2L engine to wear them out.
Extremely easy to drive, great visibility and numerous driving assists make it a perfect family vehicle.  Add a spacious and classy interior and a massive trunk and it makes it very hard to find another car that would be more fit for purpose.

It's the best looking E class the world has ever seen.  Some people may be put off by the fact that it's still a sedan, even though a great looking one.
Fun factor
Even though it is equipped with sporty suspension and sports wheels and tires this engine is not enough to keep the driver excited.  However every visit to gas station would elevate the mood.

As usual a big shout out to to the friendly staff at Mercedes Benz Connection Tokyo for allowing me to drive and take photos of their impressive vehicle collection.
To all the readers, thank you for reading, don't forget to comment, share, and follow as next review from Mercedes Benz will be about something truly spectacular.

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